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Director, Screening Unit

SAES Level 1 | Key Strategic Leadership Role

Our client, the Department of Human Services (DHS), brings together a range of services, funding and policy responsibilities which together support fairness, opportunity and choice for all South Australians. DHS has lead responsibility on behalf of the South Australian government in the areas of early intervention to support children’s wellbeing, disability, domestic violence, safety and wellbeing of children, screening services and youth justice. The Department also provides a wide range of grants to community organisations and concessions.

The exciting senior strategic leadership role of Director, Screening Unit, incorporating responsibility as Registrar, Central Assessment Unit, has become available to carry accountability to the Deputy Chief Executive for leading the Screening Unit and as Registrar, fulfilling the requirements of Section 22 of the Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Act 2016.

We are seeking an outstanding senior executive capable of providing high level advice and consultancy to the Deputy CE, CE and Minister for Human Services and participating in whole of government coordination and policy development initiatives. With a specific focus on the screening and monitoring function by providing consistent criminal history assessments and legally defensible decision making, the Director/Registrar will manage contractual agreements for employment screening services, lead the development, implementation and continuous improvement of business systems and processes and drive strong and robust governance, compliance, accountability and risk management systems across the Screening Unit. The ongoing focus in all business activities will be the duty of care and safety of the Department’s clients and staff.

The appointee will demonstrate proven ability to develop and maintain strong and meaningful strategic networks to negotiate and influence and maintain productive working relationships at all levels of Government, agencies and client and community groups.

The appointee must have a tertiary qualification in law, criminal justice, child protection, psychology or other relevant qualifications.

Telephone enquiries to Nick Stillwell or Tess Mayes are welcome on (+618) 8212 0999.

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Submitted: 08-03-2024 06:32 PM